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יהוה הוא חי

'And you shall eat it in haste, it is the Passover of Yahuah'

Shamuth/Exodus 12:11



Pasach (Passover)

Free Will Offering
The Lord's Supper, Communion, Passover, Easter Service, the list goes on and on for a very simple, yet misunderstood event: The Passover. The Pasach (Pesach) is commonly referred to as 'The Passover' because that is what the Hebrew word Pasach (Pesach) means: to pass over. When the Hebrews were coming out of Matsraym/Egypt, the Pasach (Pesach) was one of the last plagues to befall the  land . With the blood of a perfect lamb smeared on the door-posts of Yashar'al, the death messenger would pass over their house and their first-born would be spared. Many do not understand the laws of the Pasach (Pesach), so every religion has adopted some form of this set-apart day, occurring only in the month of Abyb (once a year). So what are we to make of all of these other names for the Passover?
In order for us to observe the Lord's Supper, we would first need to have a 'lord' and find it written in the Turah that we are to commemorate him with a meal. The term 'The Lord's Supper' is a 'New Testament' spin on one of Yahuah's mu`adym that was supposed to belong to Yahuah, not 'the lord'. Many will gather together with grape juice and leavened wafers to take the Lord's Supper, not knowing that the Lord's Supper is bringing them into condemnation with Yahuah by blaspheming the sacrifice of Yahusha. Please study the link provided on 'the lord' to understand what I mean.
Everyone knows that Communion is Passover, right? If you ask any 'learned deacon' in the Church to explain Communion, he will say, "Communion is Passover." This should serve as a witness against him, for he is not learned; he is programmed. If Communion is Passover, where is this found in Turah? The English word 'communion' is used for the Greek word koinoia, and this means partnership, communication, intercourse, and/or contribution. When people see the word 'communion' in the book of Corinthians, they use the ideology that Communion is Passover because they do not understand how translations work...Communion is not an event to take place given by Yahuah: Passover is.
So, what have you? Lamb, bread wine? How do we keep this day set-apart to Yahuah and when is the actual celebration? The video below will go into great detail, step by step.
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